"There has been but one Leadville. Never will there be another."Carlyle Davis-1916

This building is recorded as The Breene Block, in honor of former Lt. Governor Peter Breene (1885-1887), the fourth Lt. Governor of Colorado. An immigrant from Ireland,  he served in the Colorado House of Representatives 1883-1885 and was State Treasurer 1887-1889. He moved to Leadville in 1877, gained great fortune in mining and became a leader among miners.  Breene provided the funds to build this 3-story commercial building in the mid 1880s and died in Leadville in 1926. One of the earliest occupants was Morris Hart, who ran a saloon and sold cigars. Adolf Hirsch also ran one of Leadville’s thirteen wholesale liquor houses at this location. The American Bank was the first occupant here prior to its move to 5th and Harrison in 1892.  In 1885 the first museum in Leadville was located on the second floor of these premises, known as The Leadville Museum. It housed mineral specimens found in the area.  The upper stories were also rooms to rent.  In 1880, a typical room rented for $7.00 to $15.00 per week. The Scarlet was voted Leadville’s Favorite Tavern by Herald Democrat Readers 9 years in a row. Current proprietors Lee Trujillo and Chuck Williams invite you to stop by for a visit and imagine what it was like when notables like Baby Doe, Horace Tabor, The Unsinkable Molly Brown and prospectors among others; as they celebrated in this tavern.