In 1942 during WWII, The US Army began to train an elite force of soldiers for mountain warfare, winter survival and skiing. They fought in mountainous arctic conditions in Italy and Austria where they made contact with German forces.  Their training took place 16 miles north of Leadville at Camp Hale.

Mural of Leadville Legends, sponsored by: 

Pabst Blue Ribbon

an American company since 1844.

Mural’s artist: Lexie Palmore

Scarlet's Mural of Leadville Legends

This character celebrates the designer, builders and caretakers of this historic building known as The Breene Block.  Built in the mid 1880’s with brick kilned in the area and original growth timber milled right here; this 10,000 sq. ft. building is located in Leadville’s Historic District and is a National Historic Landmark.

Mining in the area began in 1859 and continues today. By 1861 Leadville had around 5,000 prospectors. A trio of prospectors were accused of holding up stagecoaches in 1879.  Their names were Jesse James and Bob and Charley Ford.

Baby Doe

About the Murals Artist: Lexie Palmore

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

​​The Prospector

With an average of 310 days of sunshine a year, more than 188,000 acres of national forest and BLM land spread over 368 square miles, and the state’s highest mountains, Leadville and Twin Lakes feature abundant opportunities for year-round, high-country fun. Trail information and maps for both winter and summer recreation are available at the U.S. Forest Service

Leadville Ranger District office.

"Baby Doe" Elizabeth McCourt Tabor,  The Unsinkable Molly Brown, The Prospector, The 10th Mountain Division Soldier, The Hiker, The Mountain Biker and The Painter

The 10th Mountain Division Soldier

After spending much of her life working on steamboats, either piloting the Mississippi, Ohio or Tennessee Rivers or building a boat touring business in a swampy Texas lake, Palmore and her husband relocated to Leadville in 2009. Together they operate a scenic boat tour business, Twin Lakes Inter-Laken Boat Tours, taking passengers across Twin Lakes to the historic  Inter-Laken Resort, built in 1883 by 19th Century millionaire James V. Dexter.

Leadville has hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails across high altitude, extreme terrain in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. The Leadville Trail 100 is a 100 mile MTB race held annually. Racers climb and descend 15,600 feet (4,800m), with elevations ranging from 9,200–12,620 feet.

The Painter


Mountain Biker

Margaret Tobin Brown was born July 18, 1867 in Hannibal, Missouri. She moved to Leadville at the age of 18 in 1885 and married JJ Brown in Leadville’s Annunciation Church in September 1886.  The Brown family acquired great mining wealth in 1893. She traveled the world and went on to fame after her voyage on the Titanic as the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Her notoriety as a well-known Titanic survivor helped her promote the issues she felt strongly about: the rights of workers and women, education, historic preservation and literacy for children.

The Hiker

from left to right

Elizabeth McCourt, born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and better known as “Baby Doe” was the second wife of one of the wealthiest men in the country: Horace Tabor, Leadville’s most prominent “Silver King.”  At one time the "best dressed woman in the West”, she lived in a shack on the site of the Matchless Mine for the final three decades of her life, where she endured great poverty. After a snowstorm in March of 1935, she was found frozen in her cabin, when she was about 81 years of age. No tale, fictional or true, more accurately depicts Colorado’s early history than this world famous true rags-to-riches and back-to-rags story.